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Prominent Wisconsin Preachers and Parishoners

Rev. Ransom Dunn, Professor and President of Michigan's Hillsdale College, visited Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa between 1852 and 1853 to raise funds to establish the college, a center for Freewill Baptist learning and training. His papers at Bentley Historical Library at the University of Michigan include the record of Wisconsin donors, men and women prominent in the state's early Freewill church. (See Record of Wisconsin Freewill Baptist Donors in Establishing Hillsdale College, Michigan, 1852-1853)


Rev. George C. Alborn (Burnett, Fairwater, Grand Prairie, Greenbush, Allenville, Oak Center and Oakfield churches)

Rev. J. D. Batson (Fairwater, Wisconsin, and Castle Rock and East Castle Rock, Minnesota)

Rev. Ellen Adelaid Cross Copp (Evansville and North Johnstown churches)

Rev. Rufus Clarke (Fond du Lac and Winneconne churches; also churches in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Illinois)

Rev. I. W. Drew (Fond du Lac Quarterly Meeting churches and churches in Iowa)

Rev. Ransom Dunn, D.D. (Hilldale College, Michigan, and support for churches at Racine, Evansville, and Waupun in Wisconsin)

Rev. Daniel Wood Edwards (churches in Ohio and Illinois, evangelical work in Wisconsin and Iowa)

Deacon Alson Felch (Pike Grove and Mt. Pleasant churches, Racine Co.)

Rev. L. W. Gowen (Maine, New Hampshire, Nova Scotia, Nebraska and Evansville, Wisconsin)

Rev. Jacob Griffin (Manchester, Boone County, Illinois; Winnebago and Vineland, Winnebago County; Hortonville and Dale, Outagamie County; Brothertown, Chilton and Charleston, Calumet County)

Rev. Thomas Grinnell (New York, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin)

Deacon Benjamin Hoyt (Honey Creek church)

Rev. George H. Hubbard (Caldwell's Prairie and Honey Creek churches)

Rev. David Johnson (Center, Magnolia, Rutland and Johnstown churches)

Rev. Albert J. Marshall (Rochester and Evansville churches)

Rev. William Mitchell (Fairwater, Harrisville, Rosendale, Rosendale Center, Eldorado, Greenbush, South Prairie, Stockbridge, Chilton & Charlestown, Winnebago, Vinland, Hortonville and Dale churches)

Rev. Asahel W. Paul (Greenbush and Wayne churches)

Rev. Augustus Phillips (Wrightstown, Sniderville and Greenleaf churches, Brown County)

Rev. Benjamin Randall Rackliff (Diamond Bluff [Wisconsin] church)

Rev. Issac Scott (Grant Co.)

Rev. Samuel F. Smith (Fayette, Wayne, Racine, Fairwater and Berlin churches; also churches in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas)

Rev. Melesin Sowles

Rev. A. B. Taylor (Fond du Lac)

Rev. O. H. True (Nekimi, Rosendale, Fond du Lac, Evansville, Oakland, York Prairie, Monticello, Scott and Marcellon, Winneconne, Fairwater)

Rev. H. H. Van Amringe (Honey Creek, Racine, Mt. Pleasant)

Rev. Comfort Babcock Waller (Trenton, Oak Centre)

Rev. J. J. Wakefield (Fairwater, Neenah, Berlin and Johnstown churches)