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Rev. O. H. True

Rev. O. H. True and wife, ca. 1900

True, Rev. O.H. [Orrin Haines], was born in Moultonborough, NH, May 30, 1831. His parents, A.W. and Rebecca (Haines) True, gave him early instruction in religion and he was converted when about five years of age. He graduated from the literary department of the New Hampton Institution in 1858, and subsequently from the theological. He married Miss S.L. Bean, of Candia, NH, in 1860, and after her death, fourteen years later, he married Mrs. E.H. Hudson, of Johnstown, Wis. His ordination took place June 20, 1861, his subsequent ministry being with the churches at Lisbon and W. Lebanon, ME, N. Scituate, RI, Nekimi, Rosendale, Fond du Lac, Evansville, Oakland, York Prairie, Monticello, Scott and Marcellon, and Winneconne, Wis. Much of the time his pastoral care has been bestowed upon two of these churches simultaneously. Revivals have attended his ministry, and the churches have been strengthened. Free Baptist Cyclopaedia, 1889.

From 1891 to 1899, Rev. True served the congregation of the Fairwater Freewill Baptist church. Of Rev. True, the Fairwater Register wrote on January 1, 1904:

The [church] records of the spring months of 1899 stand out with a glad and sacred prominence, for it was then that Rev. O. H. True, closed his pastorate of this church, and his active work as a Minister of the Gospel, by adding to the church twenty-three members by baptism, thus more than doubling the membership.

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