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Rev. A. B. Taylor

   Rev. A. B. Taylor died in Fond du Lac, Wis., Jan. 28, 1876, of consumption, aged about 30 years.
   The deceased was born in Southwold, Ontario, Canada. when nineteen years of age, he became a follower of the Saviour, and soon after began preaching. During his labors in Canada he was permitted to see the results of his efforts, and conversions among those with whom he toiled were of frequent occurrence. But as a sense of the paramount importance of the work in which he was engaged came to be fully recognized by him, he felt the need of greater educational advantages than he had yet enjoyed accordingly and soon after entered the Theological department of Hillsdale College.
    During the time he spent here he was continually at work for the Master, usually preaching three times upon the Sabbath. Revivals seemed to be a natural outgrowth of his labors, and he was permitted to be largely instrumental in the organizing of two or more churches in southern Michigan. So zealously did he labor that it was said of him by one of the teachers, "He has done a lifework before his graduation."
   Completing his studies in June, 1873, he received a call to the pastorate of the F. Baptist church in Fond du Lac, and soon after entered upon his work. There he continued to labor until a few weeks before his death. Many were added to the church during his pastorate.
   Until a few days before his death, he was confident of recovery. When, however, he became convinced that his earthly work was finished, he seemed content to go. His last days and hours were peaceful and happy, and he died with a prayer on his lips.
   Bro. Taylor possessed an unusual facility in extempore speaking, and this with his vivid imagination made him very effective in revivalistic work. As a sermonizer he depended more on vivid presentation of practical truth than exhaustive analysis of his theme. He seemed to possess, in a marked degree, the characteristics of the revivalist. The funeral services were held in the commodious Congregational church at Fond du Lac, and his body rests in the beautiful Rienzi cemetery.

L. A. Crandall
Morning Star, v. 51 (46), 1876