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Rev. Samuel F. Smith

Smith, Rev. Samuel F., was born at Martinsburg, NY, Aug. 8, 1820. His parents, John C. and Juda (Gray) Smith, were from New England. May 21, 1847, he was married at Hartford, O., to Mary J. Parks, daughter of Deacon Truman Parks. He was educated at Geauga Seminary, Ohio, and at Whitestown Seminary, New York. His conversion took place in 1839, under the labors of Rev. R. Dunn. In 1843 he began to preach. Becoming pastor at Cherry Valley and Burgh Hill the following year, he was ordained, July 4, by direction of the Ohio and Pennsylvania YM. Two years later he became pastor of the Mecca church. Moving to Wisconsin in 1848, he assisted in revivals, and in organizing churches at Fayette and Wayne, and preached to the Willow Springs church. Succeeding this he ministered to the Willow Creek church (Ill.), and organized another at Caledonia, some ten miles distant. He then labored three years at Elgin, thirty-five being added to the church, and thirty-three others forming a branch church; after which he organized a church at McHenry. In 1853-55 he labored at Racine, Wis., where, assisted by Elder Dunn, a revival resulted and a church was organized. He then labored four years at Libertyville, Ill.; ministering also to the Diamond Lake and Half Day churches, which he then gathered. Subsequently he was seven years at Fairwater, Wis., assisting also in a revival at Winnebago; four years at Berlin, Wis., one year at Fairbury, Ill., and five years (commencing in 1871) at Pottsville, Ia. Moving to Nebraska he organized churches at Rose, Fairburg, Marshall and Dry Branch, Neb., and at De Witt, Kan., and at length took up the work at Long Pine. In these labors, covering a period of more than forty years, he baptized more than four hundred converts, gathered many churches and assisted in organizing two Quarterly and two Yearly Meetings. He has also manifested his benevolence and love for the cause of education by munificent gifts toH illsdale College, of which he is an honored trustee.

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