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Rev. George H. Hubbard

Hubbard, Rev. George H., was born at Burlington, NY, Feb. 16, 1823, his father Eri J. Hubbard, residing at that place. He was converted in 1836, receiving baptism at the hand of Elder Wm. Hunt, and united with the Free Communion Baptist church. He studied at Clinton Seminary, received license from the Otsego QM, about 1852, and was ordained June 28, 1857, at Libertyville, Ill. Since October, 1855, with the exception of one year, his ministry has been with the churches of the Wisconsin YM, the longest pastorate being with the Honey Creek and Caldwell churches. He has been clerk of the Honey Creek QM seventeen years, and has held other positions of trust for long terms. The sermons preached number 3,700, and have resulted in much good. The assistance of his faithful, consecrated wife, Mary Wilbur Hubbard, since their marriage, Jan. 6, 1848, has aided him materially amid the toils and trials incident to a minister’s life, and will ever be remembered with appreciation.

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