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Paris Freewill Baptist Church

The Freewill church at Paris Corners (Kenosha County) was organized with nine members in 1851 by G. W. W. Tanner. The society's records indicate that the church remained in continuous service to its members until 1877, but for many years there is no record of a resident pastor. After 1852, no pastor is identified until 1868, when E. J. Keevill was called. The following year, the church's pastor was A. Latham. Probably not coincidentally, the church reached its membership peak of 18 during those two years. R. Tait served the church in 1872 and 1873, and the church apparently closed its doors in 1877 with seven members and no pastor.

Photograph of the Paris Freewill church (undated)
Paris Freewill Baptist church (undated).