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Johnstown Freewill Baptist Church

The Johnstown (Rock County) Freewill church was organized by R. M. Carey in 1844 with 12 members, one of Wisconsin's earliest Freewill congregations. The church remained active until 1907 when it appears either to have been moved or to have been reorganized as the North Johnstown Freewill church (1908 to 1911).

As the Johnstown church, membership reached a high of 143 in 1871, perhaps the largest in the state. It declined to a low of 30 in 1906-1907. The North Johnstown church organized in 1908 with 45 members and reached a high of 60 from 1909 to 1911.

Pastors of the Johnstown church included R.M. Carey, W. Whiting, Amos C. Andrus (Andrews?), E.D. Lewis, P.W. Belknap, J.J. Wakefield, J.E. Davis, E. Wright, G.H. Hubbard, R. Cooley, J. Parkyn, R.W. Bryant, D. Johnson, David Powell, J.C. Gifford, A.G. Brande, A.D. Sandborn, T.H. Smithers, W. Brown, J.E. Abrahamson, I.S. Jones, J.C. Steele, A. Longfield, J.H. Bray, W. Ed. Meads and Margaret Meads.

Pastors of the North Johnstown church included W. Ed. Meads, Mrs. W. E. Meads, J.B. Gidney and Ellen A. Copp.

Photograph of the North Johnstown Freewill church (undated)
The North Johnstown Freewill church (undated).