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Boltonville Freewill Baptist Church

The Boltonville (Washington County) Freewill church was organized by W.D. Moulton with 12 members in 1873 and remained active until 1895. Membership in the church reached a high of 39 in 1889-1890. After organizing with 12 members, membership fell to a low of 20 in 1881-1883. Membership was 27 when the church disbanded in 1895.

Pastors included W. D. Moulton, A. Jones, Phineas Jaquith, E.N. Webster and John Westlake. The church apparently had no pastor during its final two years.

Photograph of the Boltonville Freewill church (undated)
Boltonville Freewill Baptist church (undated).

On October 28, 1970, the Sheboygan press printed the following article about the early history of the church and its later use as the St. John German Evangelical church:

Newsclipping of church history from the 10/28/1970 Sheboygan Press