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Mount Pleasant Freewill Baptist Church

The Mount Pleasant Freewill church in Racine County was organized in 1858 with 38 members under the leadership of H.H. Van Amringe and served its congregants continuously until 1911. Membership reached a peak of 99 in 1888, making it one of the largest Freewill churches in Wisconsin.

The church's pastors included H. H. Van Amringe, J.M. Woodman, G.S. Bradley, A. Latham, S. Bathrick, R.L. Howard, L.A. Crandall, J.B. Palmer, B.F. McKenney, F.M. Washburn, T.H. Siddall, W.K. Jackson, E.O. Dickinson, L.A. Miller, W.C. Kerstead, S.D. Hall, Clyde McGee and E. Lyle.

Mount Pleasant Freewill Church, Racine County, Wisconsin (undated)
Mount Pleasant Freewill Baptist church (undated).